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Get rid of referer spam

About Referrer Spam

Referrer Spam has become a serious problem in recent years. To help combat this problem we need to understand what Referrer Spam is.

Referrer Spam is a spamming technique that is used by webmasters in order to generate back links to their site.

Spam Method

Firstly, the spammer creates a simple script that searches sites just like search engine bots do, but the only difference is that these scripts send a referrer header with their own site's address.

Why to do this you may ask? Many sites have their statistics page indexed by a number of search engines. This means that if the spammer can get his site listed in the stats page, then it will give this referrer’s site higher ranking in search engines too. This also allows that more search engines will crawl the link back to their site.

What are the effects of this technique? Well first of all, as more sites are dealing with this type of spam (as it is the only legal way to spam at the moment), they waste a lot of bandwidth of the "attacked" sites, plus they create a false image of the site's statistics.

These are the reasons why I have created this script for you to use for free.