Get Rid of Referer Spammers

Connect your site with our referer spammers database, and get rid of them!

Get rid of referer spam

Download aStatSpam

Here you can download the latest version of aStatSpam

Change log :

Version 0.95
  • Choose the way that the script handles the spammer. You can choose to deny access or redirect.
  • Test configuration added. Now you can check if the directives added right.
  • Some tiny bugs corrected

Version 0.94
  • Added support for custom spam domains
  • Script optimized a little bit
  • When script is executed it displays better results

License :

You can use this program with no limitations, but only in your own risk. I am not responsible if the program causes any harm to your server.

Installation instructions :

After unziping the file, put it on a directory on your website. Regullarly you will not have to customize anything in the script in order to work, but if you have trouble contact me.
When I will have more time I will make a documentation page.