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National Geographic News

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RSS Feed adress : http://news.nationalgeographic.com/index.rss
Site Adress : http://news.nationalgeographic.com/
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Weasel Rides Woodpecker in Viral Photo?But Is It Real?

A once-in-a-lifetime photo shows what happens when a weasel attacks a woodpecker—and gets more than it bargained for.


Pictures: 8 Amazing Animals at Risk From Wildlife Crimes

In observance of the World Wildlife Day's mission of highlighting wildlife crimes, here are some of the animals that fall prey to people's thirst for trophies and exotic cures.


Taliban Assassins Target Pakistan's Polio Vaccinators

Pakistani health workers-many of them women—continue to face Taliban bullets and bombs in their quest to inoculate children.


Arctic Ship Breaks Free of Ice for Historic Expedition

A Norwegian research vessel will spend six months on the sea ice to study the changing Arctic.


Europe's Languages Were Carried From the East, DNA Shows

Geneticists have uncovered evidence of a westward migration in Europe about 4,500 years ago—and that may explain a long-standing mystery about language.


How Volcanoes Could Help Power the Planet?But Barely Do

The Earth's heat could power homes and businesses worldwide, but it's barely been tapped. Indonesia is trying to change that.


Pharaoh of "Lost Dynasty" Died Brutal Death, Forensic Study Reveals

Forgotten pharaoh may have been earliest Egyptian ruler to die in battle.


Wild Panda Population Up Dramatically in China, Government Says

The new numbers may reflect better and broader surveying techniques as much as a true boost in population, expert cautions.


Climate Change Helped Spark Syrian War, Study Says

Drought, worsened by climate change, led to mass migration that helped spark the Syrian conflict, researchers say.


Dramatic New Video Shows Volcano Forming an Island

A fast growing island off Japan is seen in new video from the Japanese Coast Guard.


5 Sky Events This Week: Moon Confers With a Jovian Giant and a Celestial Maiden

The first week of March brings an eclipse of two moons of Jupiter and an opportunity to spot Uranus.


Exclusive: Lost City Discovered in Honduran Rain Forest

A joint Honduran-American expedition has confirmed the presence of extensive pre-Columbian ruins in Mosquitia in eastern Honduras, a region rumored to contain ruins of a lost "White City" or "City of the Monkey God."


Astronomers Find a Dusty Galaxy That Shouldn't Exist

Small, young galaxies should be free of interstellar dust, but an object called A1689-zD1 is breaking all the rules.


Corn for Home Heat: A Green Idea That Never Quite Popped

Some enterprising Americans burn kernels to keep warm in winter, but there's a reason the green heating concept hasn't taken off.


What You Don't Know About History's Most Famous Scientists

In the 11th and 12th centuries, Muslim scientists were way ahead of contemporaries in Christian Europe.


Chilean Birdman Leads Efforts to Save Seabird in World's Driest Desert

This little guy symbolizes protection of nature and resilience in the harshest of conditions, says naturalist.


Why Are Elephants and Other Animals So Wrinkly?

Loose skin helps African elephants keep cool and naked mole rats burrow underground, for starters.


Colossal 280-Pound Catfish Caught in Italy

The wels catfish is Europe's largest freshwater fish.


Blue or White Dress? Why We See Colors Differently

Color blind or optical illusion? Scientists offer clues as to why people see different colors in the same dress.


ISIS Smashes Priceless, Ancient Statues in Iraq

Islamic militants have destroyed priceless statues in Iraq. What was lost, and why is it important?


New Theory Behind Dozens of Craters Found in Siberia

Scientists say melting pingos, and not methane hydrates, are likely to blame for the dramatic craters.


Corpse Bride: Lizard Necrophilia Reported in Brazil

A recent report of a male black-and-white tegus attempting to mate with a dead female in Brazil raises the question: Why are some animals necrophiliacs?


He Led the CIA to bin Laden?and Unwittingly Inspired a Backlash Against Vaccines

Pakistani doctor helped lead the CIA to bin Laden—and unwittingly inspired a backlash against vaccines.


Fleeing War, a Syrian Family Makes a New Home in North Carolina

A family of seven, driven from their country by violence, is building a new life in North Carolina with help from the U.S. government, resettlement workers, and volunteers.


Week's Best Space Pictures: Curiosity Drills, Nebulae Illuminate, and Hubble Peers

Curiosity makes its third foray into Martian soil, nebulae light up a winter night, and Hubble peers into deep space in this week's best space photos.


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