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The Truth and Lies About Your Car Insurance

If you are a newbie in insurance policies, it is best to be educated on the subject. There are many myths and realities in dealing with insurance companies. It is necessary for you to have a general idea about such insurance rates so that you wonít have problems later on.
Car insurance is needed by people who want to be assured that their cars wonít experience distress, especially when the time comes and they get into an accident or anything else. There are things in this world that you have to be aware and to prepare for. This is why it is vital to assess and choose the most affordable and most reasonable price for your car insurance.
Hence, it is true that the insurance quotes reflect the cost of certain automobile- related expenses. In fact, there are many explanations on how the increasing cost of such insurances is accumulated.
Each year millions of people get into car accidents that involve personal injury. With this type of incidents, the typical price range of such treatment is around $6,000 to $9,000. Thus, this can easily turn into tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the type of car.
This problem is actually joined by the trouble of increasing claims of automobile injury, which are currently as much as 30 % in some states. These dilemmas can turn into the new car insurance holderís burden of additional payments or premiums.
Moreover, another reason for this is the legal expenses that the company needs to pay due to the fact that an average jury award for vehicular liability cases are continuing to rise and can put up the pressure on auto insurance rates. An average liability can cost from about $187,000 up to $269,000. This was the estimated record from the year 1994 up to the year 2000, respectively.
Thus, the number one cause of death for people ages 1 up to 34 is car accident.
According to the United States Department of Transportation, these deaths cost more than $150 billion annually. People who are under the use of prohibited drugs, alcohol abuse, high- speed driving and are not using a seat belt are the leading people who are at risk of such an accident. Auto repair has also increased because of the rapid advancing age of technology, along with construction and design that have now become a must in this era. Automotive innovations and repair costs have increased tremendously and thus, higher car insurance may ensue because of this.
Hence, there is a notion that red cars cost more insurance. This is not true. Colour is never a determinant factor in calculating oneís car insurance rate. The factors that are important are the year, model, body, type, engine size and the age of the car. Even if you have a cheap car but you have a large engine, or it is an unusual model, it might cost a lot to have it insured as compared to a more expensive small car.
Then again, you will pay for a lesser amount in comprehensive coverage, which can cover the damage that is usually brought about by vandalism, hail, fire or even animal accidents. There is also a case, in which, two speeding tickets can make your car insurance rate go up.
Plus, it is also not true that every car insurance company can charge anyone on any way they please. Despite the increasing expenses of this company, they still have a way of covering all the damages and they also have regulators that review their customer rates.
It is also important to take note of the amount of your car, where in, itís insurance will most likely have a relative cost to. This is due to the fact that some companies shoulders only a minimum amount and will not cover certain accidents. Of course, this will result into a lawsuit but they will not include all the damages. So, it is wiser to read your terms and conditions.
Thus, if someone drives your car and there is an accident, you will still be the one held responsible. You will be financially responsible for the accident. In most states, the car insurance that covers the accident is considered the primary insurance holder, which means that the insurance company is the one that should pay for the damages. Hence, there are cases that it is not enough and the driverís insurance is the next in line to pay for the remaining damages. This is primarily why you need to know the car insurance policy in your state, as well as the laws that go hand in hand with it. States and even countries differ in policies politically and geographically.
Aside from this, there are also other factors that are being considered for car insurance rates. Of course, your rate wonít be the same as that of your neighbours. Your age, nature of your work, driving record, type of vehicle and marital status are all considered. This can really vary depending on the companyís standards. Sometimes, your charge can go down when you turn 25 because this is the time when car accidents go down. The extremes of ages, like that of a teenager and that of the forty year old individual is where the accident rate is at its highest.
Lastly, there is a so called rental reimbursement that can cover and pay for your rental car. This is for cases, wherein, you are on vacation and you just rented a car that resulted into an accident. This will help drivers pay for the damages to the car but this still depends on the limits you selected. Having more than one insurance policy is not really money- saving technique. In fact, it is more expensive. Most of the time, you can save your money by getting the best rate available in one company. Thus, if you want different types of insurance like that of the auto and homeowners insurance, you can look for another company that can give you the best deal. At times, you will get better deals from different insurance companies.
Car insurance is a way of preparing yourself for some stressful moments while driving your car. Getting one doesnít mean that you are already assuming that you will encou7nter car theft or car accidents. Getting car insurance is a lot like accepting the reality that these things happen and that it is best to be prepared. This is better than not having a car insurance at all and end up paying more, just because you decided is best not to have one. Since car insurances these days have death or disability insurance for the driver or owner of the car, it is a lot like caring for your family and loved ones by leaving them with nothing to worry about.
Since there are many car insurance agencies these days, it is best to assess each one and check which has been in the industry for a long time. You can also check with friends for referrals. This is actually the best thing to do as compared to believing in advertisements and flyers.


Choosing to Get Classic Car Insurance

Those who own classic cars know the love, care and attention that go into taking care of these cars. Whether you drive it around or not, it is still a good idea to get classic car insurance that is made special for those who own classic cars. One of the reasons to get classic car insurance is because the classic cars are quite expensive thus it is more prone to thief compared to other types of cars. Since classic cars are more expensive and are exposed to higher risk of thief, getting a regular insurance coverage may not really be enough to protect your classic car.

To make sure that your classic car is fully protected, you should always buy adequate classic car insurance for your car. The good thing about a classic car insurance is that it allows to you ensure your vehicle based on its true value rather than stated value. Yes, getting classic car insurance may be a bit costly but if you really want to safeguard your car against theft, accidents and the likes, getting classic car insurance is a must.

About Classic Car Insurance
In America today, less that half of collector cars on the road are insured with classic car insurance. These policies have been available for a long time, but many people do not know about them. Most people have a regular insurance policy with high premiums and restrictive policies. You wonít get that with classic car insurance. Standard premiums can be at much as 500 percent higher. Why pay that much for such a limited amount of coverage?

There are a few different types of coverage that you have with classic car insurance. There is actual cash value that gives you the book value of the car on a claim, the state value that lets you state the value of the vehicle for coverage, and there is the agreed value that guarantees all of your money back in the event of a total loss. This is the only policy that will not depreciate over the years.

If you are wondering what is considered a collectible vehicle, it may be hard to define. There are many different types of cars that are collected these days, so to find out if your beauty is considered a collectible, you will want to contact a classic car insurance carrier in order to see if your car qualifies for this great insurance.

Finding the Very Best Classic Car Insurance
Before you start hunting for a classic car insurance company for your car, you need to find out first how much the true value of your car is. Getting the true value can sometime be tricky. Bear in mind that an insurance company will want to know how much insurance you want on your car so you need to know the true value of your car.
The value of classic cars can vary and it can be greatly increase based on its uniqueness, its model, its present condition, its age and its history. If your car has some really great history attached to it which can be verified, you can fetch a handsome price on that car. To determine how much is the true value of your classic car, bring your car to an appraiser who works with classic cars in your locality. The classic car appraiser should be able to give you the true value of your classic car.

After determining the market value which is the true value of your classic car, you may now start hunting for a classic car insurance company. First you should call those well known classic car insurance companies. Ask these classic car insurance companies for insurance quotes depending upon the true value of your classic car. When comparing insurance quotes from all these classic car insurance companies, pay close attention to the features of the policy and the cost. Make sure that the cost of the insurance is well justified. You do not really want to pay more money than you should on your car insurance.


Cheap Car Insurance For Learners

Learning to drive is a big step toward freedom and independence for anyone of any age. But paying for the car insurance for a learner driver is not cheap! Whether youíre a teenager or an older person who just never learned how to drive, your car insurance bill is going to be high until you have a few years driving experience under your belt.

Donít Give Up Hope!

While your car insurance bill is going to be high, you can take steps to make it as low as possible. First of all, make sure you really need car insurance. If youíre a teenager, you may be covered under your parentsí policy. Check with your parentsí insurance company to see if you even need separate coverage. In addition, if youíre attending a driving school, check if youíre covered under the schoolís insurance policy. Again, you may not need separate coverage until you get your official driverís license.

If you do find that you need your own insurance policy, it may take some work to find an insurance company that will take your business. The easiest way to find such a company is to go to an insurance comparison website so you can get quotes quickly and easily, then compare them to find the cheapest rate.Itís always worth looking at multiple quotes because prices from different companies can vary by hundreds of dollars a year.

More Money-Saving Tips
Some other ways you can save money on your auto insurance as you learn to drive includeÖ
* Choosing a car thatís loaded with safety features, which will give you discounts on your premium
* If youíre a student, keeping your grades up so you can get a Good Student Discount
* Maintaining a good credit rating
* Taking Driverís Education and Defensive Driver classes

And remember that in a few years, your rates will go down, especially if youíre accident-free.


Cheap Car Insurance

With gas prices being the way they have people all over the country have started to get creative with their finances and the costs associated with auto travel.
Prices vary from company to company, so it pays to shop around. Get at least four to five price quotes. You will find that there are several websites out there that can save you the time from doing this the slow and hard way as they will often get you quotes from up to a dozen companies all at once. You can call companies directly or access information on the Internet. Your state insurance department may also provide comparisons of prices charged by major insurers. And no, companies like Progressive that claim they will compare other companies, but they are an insurance company, so they are not to be trusted. They only have one interest, and that is to promote their own business.
Bigger is not always better. There are several low cost automobile insurance companies offering competitive rates in relation to the big names out there. This makes it possible to save a bundle on this expense. Many people seem to ignore this cost and tend to accept the burden of expensive insurance even when monthly payments almost match a car payment. In one case, I lowered my car insurance rates by about 50% when I found a good local company (I had switched from a really big name company).
One of the best ways to get cheap car insurance is simply to use a service that forces insurance agents and brokers to compete against one another. At the end of this article is one example of such a site. As soon as you finish your online quote request, multiple agents will contact you. But it is important to NOT sign up with any one of them immediatelyóInstead, let them know that you are awaiting calls from other local insurance providers. After 5 or so of these people have contacted you, you should have a good idea of what sort of range you might expect to pay.
Then, if you really want to get the cheapest car insurance possible, simply tell the agents that you are ready to buy within the next 24 hours with whichever company offers you the lowest insurance rates. This really puts the fire under them, and is sure to create the most optimal pricing for you. Of course, be sure to carry through on your promise.
If it makes sense, you may want to consider getting a bundle package. Basically, see what it might cost to insure not only your car, but also your home, property, health and life insurance. This can save a person around 10% - 30% depending on the company you go with; and it does make paying your bills easier as well.
Oh, and one more tip, remember that the more info you provide upfront, the more accurate your quotes will be, and the more likely the insurance companies will be responsive to your inquiry. This is especially true when filling out a quote from multiple companies.
Here is one such website where you can get cheap car insurance quotes.http://www.ustast.com/cheap-car-insurance/



Insurance in its basic form is defined asď A contract between two parties whereby one party called insurer undertakes in exchange for a fixed sum called premiums, to pay the other party called insured a fixed amount of money on the happening of a certain event."
In simple terms it is a contract between the person who buys Insurance and an Insurance company who sold the Policy. By entering into contract the Insurance company agrees to pay the Policy holder or his family members a predetermined sum of money in case of any unfortunate event for a predetermined fixed sum payable which is in normal term called Insurance Premiums.
Insurance is basically a protection against a financial loss which can arise on the happening of an unexpected event. Insurance companies collect premiums to provide for this protection. By paying a very small sum of money a person can safeguard himself and his family financially from an unfortunate event.
Many people ask whether they should insure their vehicles at market value or trade value. There is no correct answer; it all depends on the car and your personal circumstances. Let's first define these terms, often used incorrectly. Retail value is the price you paid for the car, e.g., 100,000 currency units. Trade value is the price you would receive (reasonably) if you traded the vehicle in for another, e.g., 20,000 currency units if you're a rough driver and the car was actually inherited from your grandmother. Essentially this is the price a trade-in establishment would give you, taking their profit into consideration. Replacement value is what you would pay to buy a similar car today. It covers trade value but also takes into consideration private sale.
Market value is the average of retail and replacement value, i.e., 60,000 currency units. It is the amount you could reasonably have sold it for before it was stolen/ damaged/ you decided to sell it. (Reasonable means fair and average, not the price you're'trying to get away with'.)
You can decide whether you want to insure your car at its market value or its replacement value. The latter will cost you a little more; more importantly, insurance companies often stipulate they will replace your car only in the first year or two. After that, as you can understand, it becomes too expensive for them. You should revalue your car each year. When you insure a vehicle, you must keep adjusting your premium in accordance with its changing value. If you start out with a new Mercedes Benz and pay an exorbitant premium for this top of the range car for a number of years, you may find down the line that the market value of second hand Mercs has dropped dramatically and it would have been worth your while rather to bank those hefty premiums over the years.
On the other hand, if you inherited a Rolls Royce from your granddad and it's still running, it may soon be worth a lot more than the petrol it runs on (probably quite a lot) and worth insuring well. A car loses value all the time, from the time you trade your old vehicle and have to pay the middle man who takes your car, to the time you drive it out off the showroom floor and start adding mileage to the clock, to the time wear and tear starts to take effect; not to mention the changing market, including the price of new cars and fashion or demand for certain types of vehicles. In summary, trade value is a sensible way to value your car, bearing in mind that you kind of know that you're losing a set amount for the convenience of someone else doing all the hard work. But market value, if you've looked after your car, could be a more realistic indication of what the car is worth to potential buyers. All you need to do is research similar makes and models in local newspapers. Replacement value is the most expensive option and unless you are adamant you want another vehicle just like this baby, you're likely to pay more in insurance premiums than the car is ultimately worth.
But do choose one of these options. According to the South African Insurance Association (SAIA), around 65% of the cars on our roads today are not insured. It's bad enough not being insured, imagine being involved in a prang with another motorist who is also not insured! There is another option for ensuring your car is insured at its real value. It's called top-up-insurance and is usually taken up when a vehicle is purchased through finance. How does it work? If you buy your car on finance, the insurance policy is ceded to the company through which you receive your loan. If for some reason you need to make a claim, the insurer will first pay the finance company to settle the outstanding finance debt, which leaves you debt free (to a certain extent).
Another policy you may be interested in investigating, particularly if you purchase a pre-owned vehicle, is mechanical warranty insurance. This policy would however only be of value to you if you're running a up market car. If you're driving a runabout, a good service every 10,000kms will be decidedly more cost-efficient.


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